Those people in the pictures are my neighborhood, in China in what way things are run and managed are far from predictable by western values so it comes as no surprise that China has accepted a clever yet somewhat eccentric way to run their recycling system, an organization so crucial to the reduction of China’s massive capacities of waste thrown out every day. Different in other countries where the recycling organizations are usually government initiatives, now in China the recycling system has nobody works with smart local government policies and good organization around China’s neighborhoods.  And if my neighborhood is anything to go by there isn’t a noticeable recycling scheme at all.  Altogether the so called administration policies and education systems for recycling reported on the news somehow never smooth made it to my area! Although a decent recycling system with obviously labeled recycling waste bins in apartment developments around Shanghai is what the government said they’ve applied the systems in western countries, in reality recycling is driven by the monetarily needy ageing. In China, recycling is a cash maker though not abundant of a money maker. The organization works by contribution people a cash rebate for their recycling much like the repayment schemes applied for the recycling of aluminum cans and glass bottles in many western countries.