In June I had the opportunity to know where Belize is in Central America, Belize makes border with Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. It was colony of England for many years and their native language is English, for minutes I get out of Mexico's Del Carmen town and caught a bus to southern Mexico that is the city of Chetumal, this city bordering Belize then from there you You can take a bus that takes you to the city of Belize. Belize is a country that has a very high crime, then it is good to avoid to go places you do not know.
The city of Belize has many interesting things to do, ideal is you get through this town and go explore the islands that has next.
To get Caye Kalker's just you go on the single point of buses that have in Belize City where all tourists end up stopping and take a boat that leaves you right in the Island, you buy the ticket at the pier and in 45 minutes you arrive at island.
The island of Caye Kalker is a paradise of Carib Seas worth visiting. paradise waters and a very good atmosphere on the island you can visit some bars that are border with the sea, do snorkeling and even diving. Every day people offer boat trips to visit some nature reserves where you are allowed to dive.
One of tour I did and I found very interesting was the tour with sharks, you have the chance to dive and even touching sharks and rays. An experience that I never had before, fear of begging so much that when I jumped in the water I went back to the boat that has a fear that you're seeing that great beast that you see in Hollywood screens on the side of you, put you see that they are not with the films show and you begin to feel safe and go inside near them. The lanes are more quiet, are very large however you can touch them without any problem, usually the rays who are these corals are used to tourists and end up getting by and let themselves be touched. Whenever I think of streak comes the Australian die attacked by one of them, talked with the local guide and he said he only die why he was touching his chest in the back of the streak, and she has a market that if she afraid feel it loose, however the chance to die is very rare in the case of the Australian he had very bad luck because the sting ray ball hit his heart.
For those who visit Belize for another ride that can not fail to do is to visit in blue which is a whole whole which was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in the middle of the ocean, it is an underwater cave or natural sink right in the middle of the ocean. People around the world are going to Caye Kaulker Island as a starting point for those making diving in this cave.
One last tip is that for anyone planning to go to Belize, prepare the portfolio for the parents is very expensive and in some cases gets to be more expensive than the United States, one reason is that tourism there is very warm and is one of favoriteplaces for Americans and Europeans as it is considered one of the most beautiful places of the world.