Best of Muine

Vietnam is a very interesting country, this is my second time there. The first time I didn’t enjoy that much maybe because I only went to the big cities of Saigon and Hanoi and didn’t see the countryside. I believe I made the wrong choice that time but as everyone says you learn from your mistakes. This time I decide to go to more deep to Vietnam and visit the country side and how the real culture of the country is. One thing I realize this trip is that the Vietnam people do not like to much the Chinese people, one of the big reason is that Chinese promised the Vietnamese to help fight against the Vietnam war but when Chinese people realize they were losing to much soldiers they went back home and the only country to support them was Russia. Visiting the country side I stopped by a city called Muine in the north of Saigon, this city is really pretty and real Vietnam city, all traditional looking like a forgotten city. During my visit I stopped by a fisher village backs to the 80s really old and a lot of opportunity to capture the people. The chance was good because I arrive there near the lunch time and all the people were at the beach relaxing after lunch and they were very nice to capture. Was good to be there and for me was one of my favorite cities in Vietnam this time.